Research Papers

Today there is a large range of varying breast cancer screening research available. Belo you will find the most prominent research papers relevant to the BREAST-i, these focus on breast cancer, angiogenesis, optical technology, illumination, comparative clinical studies which support the theory and other research behind development of the BREAST-i.

Nigel Bundred et al. ‘Preliminary results using computerised tele-diaphanography for the investigation of breast disease.’ 1986. British Journal of Hospital Medicine. (Report documenting initial results of using a tele-diaphanography device to investigate breast disease)

Extract available to view online

David Watmough. ‘Diaphanography; Mechanism responsible for the images.’ 1982. Acta Radiologica. Oncology. (Showing absorption of light by red blood cells and presence of new vessels around cancer, cause observable shadows when breast is illuminated)

Extract available to view online

Max Cutler. ‘Transillumination as an aid in the diagnosis of breast lesions.’ 1929. Surgery Gynecol Obstet. (American Surgeon M. Cutler first demonstrated the use of light to examine the female breast)

Referred to in the following Section of Surgery Extract

David Watmough. ‘Son et Lumiere; a combined Optical Doppler ultrasound approach to detection of breast cancer.’ 1989. Rad Magazine. (Proposing an optical doppler method to supplement mammography)

Extract available to view online

Frank Ghartey et al. ‘BREAST-i is an effective and reliable adjunct screening tool for detecting early tumour related angiogenesis of breast cancers in low resource sub-Saharan countries.’ 2018. International Journal of Breast Cancer. (Testing of over 1000 Ghanaian woman reports a sensitivity for breast cancer of 94% using the BREAST-i™)

Can be accessed from the Table of Contents, Vol. 2018
Alternatively, you can view the full text which is available online

Nargis Labib et al. ‘Evaluation of BreastLight as a tool for early detection of breast lesions among females attending National Cancer Institute, Cairo University.’ 2013. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. (In an investigation using Breastlight [a precursor to the BREAST-i] found a sensitivity for cancer of 93%)

Full text available to view online

Breast Cancer Statistics

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for almost a third of new cancer cases in females. Cancer Research UK reports their latest statistics revealed that in 2010, there were 10,000 new cases diagnosed among women aged under the age of 50. This is an 11% increase from 15 years previously in 1995 when there were 7,700 cases of breast cancer diagnosed among women in this age group.

20% of breast cancers are now diagnosed in women aged under 50. 48% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women between the ages of 50–69 the age group currently invited for breast cancer screening. However, the rise in the number of breast cancer cases is not only limited to those aged under 50. Since the 1970’s there has been a gradual and steady increase in the number of breast cancer cases. Overall there was an 18% increase in rates between 1995 and 2010.

Full Product Brochure

Our detailed product brochure explains the features and objective of the device. It displays the development the product has undergone, as well as the scientific data backing its success. The digital version is available to view online and we can provide printed copies to those who need them, simply get in touch.