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Non-diagnostic breast self-examination device. Assisting in early detection of breast cancer.

The BREAST-i is used to give an interior view of your breast with use of a powerful light pressed against the skin. Assisting you in keeping an eye on your breasts and helping to spot any changes. A powerful tool in giving an early edge in the ability to monitor blood vessels, identify abnormal tissues and spot potential tumours/ lesions.

The BREAST-i can be used at home for self-examination or by a GP at a surgery. This device utilised scientifically proven, patented light technology adapted by UK scientists.

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The BREAST-i uses state-of-the-art light emitting diodes, illuminating the breasts and helping you to keep an eye on them, whilst assist in spotting changes. This health and well-being product can be used for preventative breast cancer screening at home or for use by medical professionals. The BREAST-i is CE certified and female trials of the product have successfully identified cases of breast cancer which may not have shown up with traditional hand screening examinations.

  • Hand-held, Portable Device
  • Offers Ultra Convenience
  • Advanced Skin Sensors
  • High Intensity LEDs
  • Adjustable Light Intensity
  • Light Setting Memory
  • For Non-diagnostic Use
  • No Compression Required

To use the device simply switch on and place under the breast. Gently press the lens into the breast and adjust the brightness until the skin is a uniform pink or red colour with darker lines representing the presence of blood vessels. Move the device to screen the breast.

The BREAST-i is designed as a tool which aids self-examination, allowing interior views to monitor blood vessels, identify abnormal tissues and spot potential tumours/lesions. Traditional mammography can pick up tiny cancers sometimes indicated only by flecks of
calcification in tissue. Some of these small cancers may grow to become life threatening, others may remain dormant or even disappear.

However, any cancer detected by BREAST-i is highly likely to be serious since it is detected by associated angiogenesis, implying that it is already in the ‘exponentially growing’ phase. It must be realised that X-rays and illumination are monitoring different features of the breast, tissue density and neovascularisation, respectively.

Should a shadows or cluster be spotted with the device, this information should be brought doctor to see if it warrants further testing.


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