30th August 2019 – HRT users facing cancer risks

“No medicine is completely without risk, but it is important for women to be able to make an informed decision about the risks and benefits that are appropriate for them…”

A study published in the Lancet confirms the increased risk of breast cancer in women who have used hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This has been highlighted with a press release from the Medicines and Healthcare Authority (MHRA) stating that women who are current or past users of HRT to treat symptoms of the menopause are reminded to be vigilant for signs of breast cancer, even after stopping HRT.

“A new study, published by The Lancet, has confirmed that women who use HRT for longer than 1 year have a higher risk of breast cancer than women who never use HRT. This known risk of breast cancer gets lower once HRT is stopped, but the new study shows some increased risk remains for more than 10 years compared to women who have never used HRT.”

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