Designed to be simple to use

Our simplified, illustrated guide aids you in using the BREAST-i™ for a personal breast check. When used correctly the device allows for efficient, effective examinations.

Light from the bright bulbs is scattered through the breast tissues. Helping users to identify any issues.

Breast-i self examination

Use the device whilst sitting or standing, looking down directly at your breasts. You can also use a mirror to help.

You can also visit a GP’s office, here the BREAST-i examination can be carried out by either a doctor or surgeon.

Place the device under your breast. Note the appearance, here there are no obvious shadows seen.

Keep an eye out for any dark areas which weren’t there previously. If present, seek medical advise from a GP.

You may see enlarged blood vessels and/or small, feint shadow around the vessels. Again, see a doctor.

Lit with the BREAST-i this image displays a normal breast with veins, appearing mainly bright throughout.

Breast with visible mass. The dark area is caused by angiogenesis, and the blood vessels feeding it are obvious.

Product Certifications

We follow strict manufacturing quality control standards ensure our product of the highest quality available. This ensures each produce we provide, is up to the standard you would expect.

CE Marked Product

Made in Britain

ISO 13485:2016

MHRA Registered


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