Key Product Features

The BREAST-i has seen much user-focused design and testing. The device now includes a range of important features relating to efficient function and user safety:

Offers Ultra Convenience

Small, hand-held, lightweight and portable screening device

Adjustable Light Settings

Various intensities to allow a complete breast examination

No Tissue Compression

No breast compression is required for use of this device

Illumination Level Memory

Save previous light intensity setting for the next examination

Advanced Skin Sensors

This device utilises modern skin sensor technology for safety

Non‑diagnostic Usage

Designed to assist traditional breast examination techniques

Utilises High Intensity Bulbs

Powerful, long-lasting LED bulbs help illuminate the entire breast

Rechargeable Device

Our lightweight device can be recharged via USB for your convenience

Designed with the user in mind

During the development of the BREAST-i™, the device has undergone vigorous user testing. This has ensured the device is easy to use, comfortable to hold and that each feature will benefit you during use.

 Adjustable Brightness
Controls allow simple adjustment of the light intensity.

 Battery Level
Light indicates amount of charge available in the device.

 Brightness Indicator
5 LED lights indicate the selected light intensity level.

 Charging Port
The device can be recharged via USB.

Screening with the BREAST-i™

A powerful tool in giving an early edge in the ability to monitor blood vessels, identify abnormal tissue and spot potential tumours/lesions. Some small cancers may grow to become life threatening, others may remain dormant or even disappear.

Any cancer detected by BREAST-i™ is likely to be serious since it is detected by associated angiogenesis, implying that it is already in the exponentially growing phase. It must be realised that X-rays and light are monitoring different features of the breast, tissue density and neovascularisation, respectively. Should a shadow or cluster be spotted then medical consultation should always be pursued.

* Images courtesy of Mammocare Ghana Clinical Screening.

A typical lit breast with veins appearing mainly bright throughout *

Breast with a mass, caused by angiogenesis – need for medical opinion *

Product Certifications

We follow strict manufacturing quality control standards ensure our product of the highest quality available.

CE Marked Product

Made in Britain

ISO 13485:2016

MHRA Registered


Purchase the BREAST-i

The device is now available to purchase through our official global distributors.