Dr David John Watmough


Eminent Scottish Scientist and Professor, David Watmough, developed the BREAST-i™ following his extensive research and teaching career in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He has over 100 publications which focus on the detection of breast cancers and comparative studies published over 58 years in leading scientific journals.

David has a BSc and PhD in Experimental Physics from St. Andrew’s University. His post-doctoral career included breast cancer research at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. David’s research work on breast cancer at the Department of Radiology, Kuwait University further supported the concept of angiogenesis being a marker for breast cancer screening using an optical system. David returned to Scotland in 1996 and immediately set up Highland Innovation Centre Ltd to commercialise his research findings and develop the BREAST-i™.

In 1992, his research was recognised and commercialised through Aurora Instruments Ltd, a joint venture company between the University of Aberdeen, Scottish Development Agency and Castle Medical Supplies Ltd. In 1996, he set up Highland Innovation Centre Ltd to commercialise his research findings and develop the BREAST-i™. During this time, he also held the position of Honorary Senior Lecturer Biomedical Physics, University of Aberdeen, 1999-2008. Throughout his career, David has been the recipient of many awards for his work on angiogenesis detection with the most recent being the Winner of the SMART Award 1999 from the Scottish Executive. He was also recipient of a grant in 2015 from Highland and Island Enterprise to complete development of BREAST-i™.

The BREAST-i™ incorporates David’s many years of study and research to be the only patented state-of-the-art breast cancer self-examination device built upon his pioneering work on optical technology and angiogenesis which has created an affordable tool for early breast cancer detection.

David continues to offer his expert advice in an advisory role for BREAST-i™ innovation and R&D at GM Instruments Ltd, Irvine, Scotland, which manufacture the BREAST-i™. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics and Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and Chartered Engineer.

Creating the BREAST-i™

In 1982, David showed that the absorption of light by red blood cells and specifically presence of new vessels around cancers (angiogenesis or neovascularisation) cause observable shadows when light passes through breast tissues)*, this is the fundamental idea from which the development of a breast illuminating light began.

*Watmough D.J. [1982]. Diaphanography; Mechanism responsible for the images. Acta. Radiologica Oncol. 21, 11-15.

Our Social Responsibility

In 2017, the World Health Assembly passed the resolution Cancer Prevention and Control through an Integrated Approach (WHA70.12) which was introduced to urge governments and ‘WHO’ to accelerate action to achieve the targets specified in the Global Action Plan and 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development to reduce premature mortality from cancer.

One of the key areas that the WHO and UN Interagency Task Force are working on is identifying the most costeffective
strategies for cancer prevention and control. The BREAST-i™ will support these goals and we look forward to working with governments and countries to deliver a solution for improving the screening of breast cancer as part of our social responsibility values.

Full Product Brochure

Our detailed product brochure explains the features and objective of the device. It displays the development the product has undergone, as well as the scientific data backing its success. The digital version is available to view online and we can provide printed copies to those who need them, simply get in touch.


One of the world’s leading manufacturers of Medical Technology Solutions, covering Nasal and Respiratory Flow Measurement, Audiometry. Based in the UK, the company was founded in 1992 and has been at the forefront of the development of new medical innovation.

BREAST-i™ is a new area for the company, with it’s electronic engineering expertise it is well-placed to
provide further product innovation. BREAST-i™ originates in Scotland and will remain in close proximity to its origins at the base in Irvine.