The Scientifically Proven BREAST-i

Patented light technology adapted for use in a non-diagnostic breast examination product by experienced UK scientists.

A powerful tool in giving an early edge in the ability to monitor blood vessels, identify abnormal tissues and spot potential tumours/ lesions. Utilises state-of-the-art light emitting diodes, helping you to keep an eye on your breasts and spot changes.

This robust, health & well-being product can be used for simple screening by a GP in a surgery or for self-examination at home. The BREAST-i is CE certified and female trials of the product have successfully identified cases of breast cancer, which would likely not have shown up with traditional hand screening.

Breast Awareness

Are you checking yourself & being ‘Breast Aware’?

It is recommeneded that women look out for changes in their breasts and that women should know how their breasts look and feel. This can allow them to recognise any changes.

Most women know to check for breast lumps that are out of the ordinary but there are other changes to look out for. These include a change in size or shape of your breasts, a change in the skin such as dimpling or puckering, any changes in a nipple or discharge, persistent pain and lumpy areas or thickening of tissues. There are also internal changes, which our device can help to spot.

If you observe any of these changes ask your doctor to check your breasts and advise you on their significance. Most lumps are not serious and can be easily treated where necessary. Should there be a cancer, early treatment offers the best chance of cure.

Breast Cancer Statistics

Breast cancer is the major cause of death in women under 50 years and second major cause of death among all women. 50% of women survive for 10 years after the first diagnosis of the disease but 50% do not.

The best hope of a cure is early detection and this also reduces the number of mastectomies. Currently NHS breast screening starts for women at age 50 years and is carried out at 3 yearly intervals until age 70 years.


Key Product Features

The BREAST-i has seen much user-focused design and testing. The device now includes a range of important features relating to efficient function and user safety:

Offers Ultra Convenience

Small, hand-held, lightweight and portable screening device

Adjustable Light Settings

Various intensities to allow a complete breast examination

No TissueCompression

No breast compression is required for use of this device

Illumination Level Memory

Save previous light intensity setting for the next examination

Advanced Skin Sensor Technology

This device utilises modern skin sensor technology for safety

Designed For Non‑diagnostic Use

Designed to assist traditional breast examination techniques

Utilises HighIntensity Bulbs

Powerful, long-lasting LED bulbs help illuminate the entire breast

Portable USB Rechargeable Device

Our lightweight device can be recharged via USB for your convenience

If breast cancer can be detected early the five-year survival rate is 99%… If the breast cancer is detected at a later stage, the treatment is more invasive and the survival rates decline significantly.

Susan G. Komen

Breast changes can happen for many reasons, and most aren’t serious…
However, if you find changes that aren’t normal for you, it’s best to see your GP as soon as possible.


How to use BREAST-i effectively

Our simplified, illustrated guide aids you in using the BREAST-i for a personal breast examination.

Light from the high intensity LEDs in BREAST-i is scattered through the breast tissues. Helping users to identify any issues.

Use the BREAST-i whilst sitting or standing, by looking down directly at your breasts. You can also use a mirror to help viewing.

You can also visit a GP’s office, here the BREAST-i examination can be carried out by either a doctor or surgeon.

Place the BREAST-i under your right breast. Note the appearance, here there are no obvious shadows that can be seen.

Next the BREAST-i is placed under your left breast. Light is transmitted through the breast, again no shadows to be noted.

Keep an eye out for any dark areas which weren’t there previously. If present, this should alert the user to be checked out by her doctor.

Sometimes there are enlarged blood vessels and just a small, feint shadow around the vessels. Again this needs to be seen by a doctor.

Lit with the BREAST-i this image displays a normal breast with veins, appearing mainly bright throughout.

Breast with visible mass. The dark area is caused by angiogenesis, and the blood vessels feeding it are obvious.

Product Certifications

We follow strict manufacturing quality control standards ensure our product of the highest quality available.

CE Marked Product

Made in Britain

ISO 13485:2016

MHRA Registered


Purchase the BREAST-i

The BREAST-i is now available to purchase online through our trusted distributor HCE-UK. We can also include free next day delivery to UK Mainland.

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